The Five Aims

1) To encourage and increase awareness of environmentally sustainable development in our area and beyond.



2) To help create a culture of care about our environment with my art and photography; and to educate and enhance the schools, companies and the community to think about their world in a new way.



3) To use the work to remind people of the simple things they can do to help the environment.

Examples:   Thinking how we use the car. Could we use it less by walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing - it could even help us keep fit!


4) To look at reducing, re-using and recycling, reminding people of ideas to reduce our imprint on the world. Simple things we all forget like turning your computer off at the switch when you finish, switching electrical items off at the plug when you leave them. Turning lights off when leaving a room and using energy saving light bulbs, it will save you money as well.



5) To help people think about the bigger picture by talking about fair trade and my experiences as a trustee of a charity that works in Ethiopia(www.pointofcontact.org.uk) also raising awareness of global trade issues, including the use of slave labour and the impact our eating and drinking habits can have on communities 1000's of miles away.

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